The MARTIN® DT2H XHD Secondary Belt Cleaner features rugged blades installed on a track that slides into cleaning position on a rugged steel mandrel. This unique design makes for a quick and easy service procedure that reduces conveyor downtime and improves productivity.
Unit of Measure


Blade Type

N/A Tungsten Carbide Reversing Blade



  • Removes Carryback, Saves Cleanup
    Effective belt cleaning reduces plant cleanup chores and pro longs life of conveyor components.
  • Reduces Downtime for Service
    Slide-in/slide-out mandrel allows quick and easy blade replace ment to increase conveyor availability. With on-site safety ap provals, blades can be changed while the belt runs.
  • Slide-Out/Slide-In Blade Change
    Individual blade segments slide into sturdy track-forming car tridge. This cartridge slides over stainless steel mainframe into cleaning position.
  • Split Track Cartridge
    Split track cartridge design allows simple blade removal even with material accumulation.
  • Built Strong for Tough Conditions
    Massive The MARTIN® XHD Blades stand up to challenging condi tions, including heavy material loads and belt speeds up to 1200fpm (6m/sec).

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