Unit of Measure


Shipping Weight

N/A 19 lb8.6 kg



    • Cushioned Blades Maintain Efficiency
      Patented rubber buffers maintain cleaning pressure while deflecting to allow splices to pass.
    • Built for Tough Conditions
      Rugged construction withstands punishing applications, like high-speed belts and high-tonnage loads.
    • Easy Cartridge Removal
      The procedure is simple: remove pin, slide out car tridge, service, and return.
    • Easy Adjustment of Cleaning Pressure
      MARTIN® SQC2™ Tensioner allows simple alteration of blade-to-belt pressure to maintain cleaning efficiency regardless of blade wear. Lock pin keeps tensioner in place to maintain constant tension.
    • Fits in Tight Spaces
      Compact design allows installation in close quarters; narrow profile resists material buildup.
    • Blades to Match Application
      Specify tungsten carbide tips for normal, acidic, or high-impact conditions. Blades conform to belt profile by adjusting individually to provide continuous contact across the belt.
    • Handles Reversing Belts and Belt Rollback
      Rubber buffers allow for reversal of belt direction with out damage to belt.

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