The MARTIN® THUMPER™ Timed Impactor delivers power-impactive blows through effective use of air power - producing a sledgehammer effect with minimal noise and hopper damage.

Heavy workloads are handled easily even where an air supply is limited. Well-suited for applications where flow rates are low or where a sledgehammer has proven successful.

These versatile units can be furnished with permanent mount or with quick-release adapter to facilitate easy movement from one location to another. Impactor units deliver controlled blows at a choice of intervals.

Best uses: sticky, clinging materials that adhere to chutes, hoppers, and bins.

THUMPER® Timed Pneumatic Impactors

Controlled by a timer, THUMPER® Impactors deliver powerful yet controlled blows at rates from one to sixty impacts per minute to keep production flow on target.
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Air Consumption at 20 psi (1.38 bar)

Air Consumption at 40 psi (2.76 bar)

Air Consumption at 60 psi (4.14 bar)

Air Consumption at 80 psi (5.51 bar)

Force Output at 80 psi (5.51 bar), 1 Stroke

21685 N/A T-125 N/A 0.002 cfm N/A 0.003 cfm N/A 0.004 cfm N/A 0.005 cfm N/A 142 lb64 kg
21682 N/A T-200 N/A 0.007 cfm N/A 0.011 cfm N/A 0.015 cfm N/A 0.019 cfm N/A 376 lb171 kg
19078 N/A T-250 N/A 0.12 cfm N/A 0.018 cfm N/A 0.025 cfm N/A 0.032 cfm N/A 571 lb259 kg
21572 N/A T-300 N/A 0.24 cfm N/A 0.03 cfm N/A 0.03 cfm N/A 0.05 cfm N/A 835 lb379 kg
T-400 N/A T-400 N/A 0.62 cfm N/A 0.083 cfm N/A 0.103 cfm N/A 0.114 cfm N/A 1400 lb635 kg
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