VIBROLATOR ® SUAH Series Pneumatic Ball Vibrators spark-proof, sealed vibrators for use in areas where sanitation must be maintained. Single-bolt attachment makes mounting easy. Tapped ports allow full control and muffling of air.
SUAH series is available sealed with heavy vinyl coating for use on pharmaceutical-, chemical-, and food-handling where exposed metal or ordinary paint finishes may deteriorate or contaminate the process. Can be used to induce vibration while immersed in hot or cold fluid. Vinyl coating may be steam or detergent sterilized.

Regulators provide full-range control of your VIBROLATOR® Vibrators.
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Frequency at 20 psi (1.38 bar)

11582 N/A Ductile Iron N/A SUAH-6 N/A 0.001 N/A 17500 vpm N/A 73 dB N/A 17000 vpm
11583 N/A Ductile Iron N/A SUAH-10 N/A 0.003 N/A 17500 vpm N/A 76 dB N/A 17000 vpm
11584 N/A Ductile Iron N/A SUAH-13 N/A 0.008 N/A 13300 vpm N/A 76 dB N/A 12000 vpm
11585 N/A Ductile Iron N/A SUAH-19 N/A 0.037 N/A 11200 vpm N/A 77 dB N/A 10500 vpm
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